“In my experience of receiving massage, only a fraction of therapists have this strong of an educational background and training, and even fewer have the degree of experience that Aaron has. In addition, he has one of the harder to come by attributes of a massage therapist – healing hands. This can only come from a practitioner who is able to set aside their worries and be present with you, the patient. You feel this as soon as you come in the room, where he has created a warm, inviting space that allows for healing to occur. When he engages with you, there’s a feeling of genuine care and good intention. This goes a long way! As for the massage itself....pure bliss! Even the therapeutic treatments were relaxing. At times it felt like he was using my body’s wisdom as a guide, and in doing so, it made for a more comprehensive treatment. Having experienced such a transformation from pain to pain-free virtually overnight, I highly recommend Aaron to help make this happen.”

~Rebecca C., 35, Shoreline, Washington~

“Aaron has helped me immensely with his unique combination of myofascial techniques and energy work, including craniosacral therapy. He has an innate intuition for what needs healing, and always goes to the "spot" that has the most tension and needs the most relief. I have chronic sinus problems (something we have focused on in our work together) and after each treatment my upper respiratory tract feels clearer, like stuff has actually "moved" and I can breathe deeper. In addition, I leave our sessions with my body and mind grounded and rejuvenated. I am very thankful for my weekly massages with Aaron!”

~A.W. 31, Kirkland, Washington~

“Aaron is a gifted massage therapist.  He has always made me feel very comfortable by being fully present and grounded, which sets the tone for me to unwind and let go.  Unlike some other massage therapists, I have never gotten the impression that Aaron is just using the patterns that he learned in massage school, but I really feel that he listens to my body and spends time where he needs to.  I would certainly recommend Aaron to a friend.”

~RL, 38, Seattle, Washington~

“As the co-owner of a yoga studio I sometimes teach 10-15 classes per week. This teaching causes a lot of excess tension in my body. Regular massage combined with chiropractic and acupuncture keeps me from injury. Aaron is an amazing massage therapist, professional, considerate, and knowledgeable. I have experienced many massages from many different therapists. Aaron is one of the best. I felt comfortable referring all of my friends to Aaron.”

~Marcie E., 35 Iowa City, Iowa~
~MA Integrated Physiology,  (E-RYT) Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher~

“I am an avid massage therapy client and I am always searching for a therapist who understands more than just massage. I look for someone who also has an understanding of natural health practices and knows how to read the energy of the human body. I am always pleased with Aaron's capacity to help me do more than just relax during a massage session. He is ultimately the most professional, pleasant, well-studied, caring and honest person I know in this field. I recommend his services openly and would bet that anyone looking for a long term therapist will also be delighted that they have finally found someone who understands their needs. Hands down Mr. Bullington provides therapies that are calming, re-energizing and essential for balancing the body and the mind.” 

~M.R. 32, Downey, California~

“I’m usually the type of person who looks at my watch, wondering if my massage is finally over (sad, but true). Getting a massage from Aaron, however, I kept dreading the moment he would say that my time was up! His technique was unlike any I had experienced prior (or since). Not only did the massage feel amazing, but afterwards, I was both completely relaxed and vitalized! If you have the opportunity, you need to experience it for yourself!”

~Lily Olivier R.N., Seattle, Washington~

“Aaron has strong, healing and intuitive hands.  I was blessed to have him work on me while I was pregnant - my feet and hips ached, and I was tired.  After my sessions with him, I came back rejuvenated and pain free.  In fact, through his massage therapy and healing work, I often entered into an extremely peaceful state of being and inner bliss.  He is talented in the art of massage, and he is also a healer.  Thank you, Aaron for sharing your gifts with me!”

~Nafysa Parpia, 36, Kirkland, Washington~

“As a massage therapist myself, I’m pretty picky about who I let work on me. Aaron Bullington gives a great massage. He listens well, has great healing energy, and skillfully employs a variety of techniques depending on whether I need a sports type massage or more of a relaxation massage. I highly recommend his work.”

~Cheryl C. Seattle, Washington~ 

“Aaron set the tone of my experience from the moment I walked into his artful, calming space. He pays careful attention to both the overall vibe and to the smallest details that make me feel cared for and welcome. Aaron invites healing by creating a safe space with his grounded presence, and he allows his experienced hands and insightful intuition to attend to whatever may need attention. He has the gifted ability to work with the physical, emotional and energetic bodies. In the simplest terms, I trust him.”

~T.S, Seattle, Washington~