How do I schedule an appointment ?
Please contact Dr. Aaron Bullington with any inquiries about scheduling.

Does BodyRealms accept insurance?
BodyRealms does not accept insurance. You may pay with cash or a direct transfer.

Who receives massage?
Massage is applicable to all!

Are there any health restrictions for receiving massage?
Yes. Talk to your therapist about any health concerns you have before receiving your massage. Although it is very likely that your physician will recommend that you receive a massage, please consult with him/her if you have any major medical conditions (for example: uncontrolled high blood pressure, recent surgery or fractures, heart disease, DVTs).

Do I have to take all of my clothes off?
No. It is preferred that you only undress to the level in which you are most comfortable because this enables you to relax and enjoy your massage more. Many people wear their under garments for the first couple of sessions until they become comfortable with their therapist. Also, it is a state of Washington law that the client must be draped during the massage--this ensures the comfortability of both the client and the therapist.

What should I do during the massage?
Relax completely. This is your time to clear your mind and live within your body. So, close your eyes, relax your muscles, sink into the table, and enjoy the session.

Should I talk during the session?
This is up to you. You are not expected to have a conversation during your massage. However, the massage is “all about you”--so, if you feel inclined to express yourself, please do. Your session should be a time to meditate, release, and heal. Questions, concerns, and/or revelations are welcome at any point in time.

Is tipping necessary?
Tips are not expected, but if you are satisfied and happy with the work your therapist provides and you want to show your appreciation, gratuities are accepted and greatly appreciated.