Massage Modalities:
Each session is a customized treatment composed of multiple modalities. Below are a few of the techniques that may be incorporated into your session.
  • Integrative Bodywork: Has a strong emphasis in the quality of touch, energetic balancing, and emotional aspects of bodywork. It encourages practitioner presence and focuses on the therapeutic benefits massage offers when combined with polarity therapy. Overall, Integrative Bodywork addresses and integrates the physical, energetic, and emotional states of the client. It is noted for being simultaneously deeply relaxing and truly invigorating to one’s spirit.
  • Deep Tissue Massage: The use of clinical and specialized deep tissue techniques in order to treat basic neuromusculoskeletal conditions a person may suffer from. Through integrating orthopedic testing, postural analysis, myofasical technique, and various stretching methods the therapist is enabled to provide deep structural integration of the body without causing pain to the client.
  • Therapeutic Massage: A combination of Swedish massage, Esalen strokes, active and passive stretching, joint articulation, positional release, and trigger point therapy used with basic assessment skills in order to manipulate the soft tissues of the body to promote blood circulation, relaxation of muscles, restore metabolic balance, and relieve pain.
  • Sports Massage: A fast paced massage used to invigorate and “warm-up” the body for an event, or used to help the body “cool down” after an event. Through combining massage techniques with hydrotherapy, tui na (chinese massage), and stretching, it effectively reduces muscle soreness and recovery time from an event. Used for both recreational and competitive athletes to facilitate injury recovery and injury prevention.
  • Clinical Sports Massage: Addresses specific athletic injuries as well as common day injuries a person may endure. these injuries range from ankle sprains to carpal tunnel syndrome and from rotator cuff strains to whiplash. Through using orthopedic and postural assessments the problem of the injury is defined and a treatment plan is then constructed in order to optimize the recovery time from injury.
  • Myofascial Release: Applicable to all, it is a gentle yet deep massage technique that works to correct connective tissue restrictions found throughout the body. Work ranges from superficial fascia down to the core (psoas, diaphragm, and spinal ligaments) of the body.
  • Swedish Massage: Consists of providing soft tissue manipulation, which works directly with the nervous, muscular, and circulatory systems in order to promote healthy living.
  • Quantum PulsingTM and Somatic RebalancingTM: A powerful bodywork technique focusing on the rhythmical movements of the body. It is a gentle and continual technique that uses rocking, stretching, and swinging movements that simulate the fetal environment. This technique causes deep relaxation of the nervous system and in return leads to decreased muscular tension, reduced stress, and greater body awareness.
  • Meridian Based Therapy: A coaching technique based off of the concepts of Emotional Freedom Technique that incoporates the identification of a problem with the tapping of merdian points in order to correct the energy flow of the body. It helps a variety of situations ranging from headaches to anxiety and insecurity to addictive cravings.
  • Jin Shin Do Acupressure: Based off of Traditional Chinese Medicine, qi blockages are released through activating points located on the meridians. It directly affects the energetic, physical, emotional, and mental states of the recipient.
  • Craniosacral Therapy: Works with the body diaphragms, rhythm of the cerebral spinal fluid, and the musculo-skeletal system. It is a gentle soft tissue therapy that addresses various myofascial restrictions and lesion patterns throughout the body to correct structural integrity while inducing a sense of stillness throughout the mind and body.
  • Visceral Manipulation: An evaluation and treatment method of addressing structural and functional imbalances associated with the motion dynamics of organs, connective tissue, and the msuculoskeletal system.
  • And More...

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New Clients:
If this is your first massage with BodyRealms, please arrive 20 minutes early in order to fill out the necessary paperwork. Or you may download, print, and complete the documents (located in the “Forms” tab) and bring them to your session.

Cancellation policy:
Please note that upon scheduling an appointment, we will request your credit card information in order to hold your time slot. Your card will be charged the full amount of the massage scheduled ONLY in the case that you cancel within less than 24 hours of your scheduled appointment or are a “no show.” In case of emergency cancellation (less than 24 hours)--please call 206-659-8551 or email