BodyRealms’ Philosophy

Our body is the universe in which we live; it is composed of multiple worlds--the physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual. To discover, explore, and integrate these individual dimensions is to understand our infinite potential and ascertain a true sense of wholeness.

As we gain insight to the depths of how our various states of being are interconnected, we get a glimpse of our complete totality--an empowering process that awakens the innate healer that resides within us. It is this innate healer that illuminates and guides our healing path.

The goal of BodyRealms is to facilitate each individual’s healing process as one explores his/her own sense of health and well-being. BodyRealms incorporates naturopathic medical principles, acupuncture and oriental medicine philosophy, and multiple massage and bodywork modalities with sound therapy, guided meditation, and healing intentions to support individuals in their quest to delve deeper into their own universe, and discover their unique meaning of wholeness.